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  • Covent Gardens Markets

    Covent gardens market. 


    Fresh coffee, lovely old area and performers/musicians performing on the streets. It is a lovely place. Go have a look! 


    Near Covent Gardens Tube Station. FREE 



      Covent Gardens

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    Buckingham palace. 


    'God Save The Queen!' Or maybe you just fancy Prince Harry? Go and watch the solider in red uniform and black fluffy hat. 


    Near Green Park OR Victoria. FREE



      Green Park

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  • Sadler's Wells Theatre

    Sadler Wells  


    Probably one of the hottest contemporary dance theatre in London. The venue features many dance companies from all over the world. It is a must to visit this place and it is worth every pound. Have a look online and book your ticket now. 


    Near Old Street Tube Station. Book your ticket online - we can help ££ ​ 

      Near Angel Tube Station

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  • Harrods Shopping

    The world's famous shopping store! It's not cheap either... but if you are rich, you will be able to buy plenty of Gucci and many other brands! 


    WARNING - clients are asked to provide passport for money laundry protection. You can buy up to three bags. Nothing further and nothing to worry about! It is just our government being strict. 


    Near Knightsbridge Tube Station 


      Monday - Saturday 10am to 9pm Sunday - 11am to 6pm

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    British Museum 


    HUGE museum and the BEST museum in the EUROPE! So many things to see inside. The building is also beautiful. You can bring your own food and drinks inside but only at the designated resting area. It is SO BIG you will need two days to look around. Careful not to get lost! 


    Near Tottenham Court Road Tube Station. Monday to Sunday, opens from 10am - 5.30pm. FREE. Korean speaker tour equipment - ££ ​ 

      FREE (Korean speaker tour equip
      Tottenham Court, London

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  • God's Own Junkyard

    Bright, funky, cool, hipster and magnificent! The art of lights! This is one our of favourite places to visit. We are sure you will love it too! 


    Near Walthamstow Tube Station. Monday - Thursday is CLOSED! Friday and Saturday opens from 11am - 9pm. Sunday opens from 11am - 6pm. FREE ​ 

      Monday - Thursday is CLOSED. Friday - Sunday 11am - 6pm
      Walthamstow, London

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    Voted the world best nightclub in the past few years! Techno, house and even drum and bass! It is AMAZING!  


    Friday - drum and bass (British music) 

    Saturday - techno 

    (Some Sundays - student night) 

      Friday - Saturday (some Sundays) 11pm - 7am
      Farringdon, London

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    Lot of hot and cold food from around Europe. It is voted one of the best places to eat and it is cheap! You can grab some good food for £5, beating restaurants! Go have a look! Quick!  

      Monday - Friday opens from 10am - 5pm. Saturday opens from 8am - 5pm. Sunday is CLOSED
      London Bridge, London.

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    Love to gamble? Go to the Hippodrome! It is amazing! Bianco is available and is very popular for our Korean travellers! Bring your passport or you will not be allowed into the venue. We can help you get a reward card to get discounts! 

      Every day and night. Best time - 10pm
      FREE - games not free. Minimum bet - £5
      Hippodrome, Leicester Square.

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  • WHERE'S MY NOSE!? Tour.

    What is the better way of checking out Soho than finding ten noses...?! Look for ten noses around Soho with our game sheet and you will see many interesting and cool things about this little place. Take a photo of each noses and you will win a prize!  

      Open all day & night
      Soho, London.

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  • Aladdin the Musical

    Musical is big in London and Disney have developed the musical! London is famous for theatrical arts and you must come and see this! The cheapest night is Monday. It is very very very good - You will love it!  

      Monday - Friday night. Saturday afternoon & night. Sunday CLOSED
      ££ - £££
      Prince Edward Theatre, London.

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    Grab your Sunday Roast dinner here! One of the best and reasonable priced Sunday Roast in London! England is not known to have excellent cooking invention but we can safely say, Sunday Roast meal is the perfect comfort food to recover after a long Saturday night.  



      24 Great Windmill Street, Soho, London

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    The world most famous ballet school, trained and graduated and especially selected for the company. Beautiful performances and it is worth going if you love classics and ballet. Some shows can last up to 2.5-4 hours long.  


    Booking online and arriving early is compulsory. 

      Weekdays - evening. Saturday - afternoon & evening. Sunday - closed.
      ££ - £££
      Royal Opera House - Covent Garden

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