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  • Acrelor Mittal Orbit Ride

    Check out one of the longest ride in London where you can zoom from top to bottom, epically fast! Hungry? Not to worry - they offer food at the top of the tower too. It will give you the sights of the stadium where the Olympic and Paralympic occured in 2012! 


    Be sure to eat after, not before the ride..............


    It takes three weeks to book a place. To avoid disappointments, book NOW. We can help out if needed. 

      Stratford's Queen Elizabeth Park

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  • Famous Shits.

    A Musuem in London with collections such as stuffed animals, Amy Winehouse & Kylie's poo, it is a venue not to miss...

      The Viktor Wynd Museum of Curiosities, Fine Art & Natural History.

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  • Gaucho

    Legendary Argentinian steakhouse Gaucho runs its Electro Brunch every Saturday across its six London locations from 11am-4pm, priced at £49.95 a head. As well as unlimited dishes, which include steak and eggs, banana pancakes and Gaucho’s signature salt beef Eggs Benedict, you get two hours of bottomless drinks, including fresh juices, Aperol Spritzes, Bloody Marys and sparkling Argentinian wine!


      Saturday 11am to 4pm
      6 Different Locations

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  • Junk Yard Golf Court

    LOUD music AWESOME lights and AMAZING golf court! Rock our your craziest clothes and LET GET ROCKING!

      Brick Lane

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  • Thames Rockets



    Try your nerves with our powerful boats on the River Thames of London. Hope you don't wet yourself... 


    Location varies on dates. We can help you contact them to book a place. 


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    MORNING GLORYVILLE is an amazing event happening early in the morning (6am) to help people wake up before work with AMAZING music, good visual entertainments, free massages, YOGA and plenty of fresh smoothies / organic coffees!


    Near the Elephant and Castle Tube Station. 

      Monthly Event
      Elephant & Castle

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  • BallieBallerson!

    WE LOVE BALLS! do you?? Balls, Music, Alcohol, Lightings and so much fun! It is a very cool alternative to dancing. Why not check it out? We might be able to get you in for free ;)



      Day & Nights

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  • 'Ceremony Of Keys' event

    A very special ceremony lasting 800 years is now open for the public but it is very hard to book and you will need up to two months in advance to do so. 


    You will be taken up to a room to witness the ceremony of keys, lasting 35 minutes. It is free and very close to Tower Hill but we must stress, you need to book your place at least two months before the proposed date. 


    We can help you in booking the tour to make it easier for you but please be aware, it is a first come first serve bases upon booking. Late? They will not let you in. You must arrive 30 minutes before the ceremony starts to avoid confusion. 

      Tower Hill

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  • St. John Sloane's Candlelit Tour

    Have a little candlelit tour around a very cool little old building in Holborn. It is beautiful and it is certainly worth your time. The best thing? It is FREE!


    Near Holborn Tube Station

      St, John Sloane.s Musuem, Holborn Tube Station

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    Chislehurst Caves 


    A cave built by men, 8000 years ago! It is now a very special visiting place with over 20 miles paths underground. Do not worry - there are short paths for visitors. Bring your coat, it will be cold! 


    Near Chislehurst Train Station (NO TUBE). Monday & Tuesday is CLOSED! Open from Wednesday to Sunday 10am - 4pm. £6.00 per visitor. ​ 

      Wednesday to Sunday 10am to 4pm > MONDAY & TUESDAY IS CLOSED! <
      CHISLEHURST train station

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    UK's Smallest Police Station 


    Built in 1826, it used to be lived in with two naughty people. It is so small! Can you imagine being locked in, with rats running in and out? We wouldn't like to be inside either... 


    It is found near Charing Cross Station. All times. FREE ​ 

      Charing Cross

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  • St Dunstan’s in the East

    St Dunstan’s in the East


    A beautiful retired church with no roof. The natural habitat and plants have taken over the building. Perfect for your Instagram and make your friend jealous! 


    It is found near Monument Tube Station. Opens 8am - 7pm. FREE. ​ 

      8am to 7pm

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    Isabella Plantation


    A beautiful Victorian woodland dated back to 1830. Full of colours and lovely smell of English flowers. It is a beautiful area and visited by over visitors from all over the world. 


    Found near Richmond Tube Station. Opens 7.30am - 8.15pm. FREE​ 

      8am to 7pm (varies on seasons)

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  • Proud Cabaret City (BURLESQUE ARTS)

    Proud Cabaret City


    Based in 1920, it is a cheeky show adored by both men and women. It is a striptease with jazz music! It is funny, happy and wonderful to watch! It became very famous in the War against Hitler, to make the soldiers forget about the war. 


    This is the cheapest venue in London and it is still good!! 


    Near Tower Hill Tube Station. Thursday to Saturday nights starting at 6.30pm - 3am. £5-15 (better to book online - we can help!) ​ 

      Tower Hill Station

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  • HEAVEN NIGHTCLUB (mondays)

    Heaven Nightclub


    The biggest gay club in Europe with five rooms in three floors! House, Hiphop & Pop - you will find the music you love! Monday is for mixed heterosexual and homosexual. Weekend is for homosexual and it is difficult to get in. 


    Heaven is under Charing Cross Tube Station. FREE - £6 with a wristband (found outside GAY bar in SOHO). £more without wristband, at the door. Tuesday, Wednesday & Sunday is CLOSED. Monday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday is OPEN from 11pm until late. 



      11pm to LATE
      FREE - £
      Charing Cross

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